Standing committees investigate and study matters of importance to the MRPA membership and the pavement preservation industry. In addition, the MRPA executive vice president serves on several committees.

MRPA Standing Committees:

Education Committee (Chair – Troy Carlson):

The Education Committee develops the agenda for the Association’s annual workshops and partnering meetings and works with the executive vice president to promote the best practice use of preventive maintenance treatments.

Membership (Chair – Mike Szymborski):

The Membership Committee works with the executive vice president to ensure the Association’s programs provide value to members and that the membership is representative of the marketplace.

Nominating (Chair – Chris Anspaugh):

The Nominating Committee is a special committee appointed by the MRPA Board of Directors and is charged with the responsibility for filling vacancies on the Board in accordance with the Association’s bylaws.

Specifications (Chair – Stewart Schwikert):

The Specifications Committee oversees the development of appropriate specifications to ensure quality workmanship in the state’s capital preventive maintenance activities. Committee members represent MRPA on the MRPA/MDOT Technical Committee, the Pavement Preservation Operations Committee and special committees and task forces to update MDOT specifications.

MRPA Representation on Industry Committees:

Construction Quality Partnership:

MRPA is a member of the Michigan Construction Quality Partnership (CQP) Steering Committee, Training Committee and Capital Preventive Maintenance Task Force. The CQP is a unique collaboration of industry associations and federal, state and local transportation agencies focused on the continuous improvement of the state’s transportation system.

MRPA/MDOT Technical Committee (MMTC):

MRPA’s executive vice president co-chairs the MMTC with MDOT’s capital preventive maintenance (CPM) engineer to develop specifications and resolve any technical issues between industry and MDOT, ensuring efficiency and excellence in delivery of MDOT’s annual CPM program.

Pavement Preservation Operations Committee (P2OC):

The executive vice president of MRPA serves as co-chair of the P2OC with the MDOT engineer of construction field services. The P2OC is responsible for pavement preservation specifications, technical issues related to pavement preservation, and evaluation of new product and method innovations.

State Transportation Innovation Council:

The Michigan State Transportation Innovation Council (MI-STIC) brings together stakeholders from MDOT, FHWA, and other agencies to lead innovation in their state transportation program and foster a collaborative culture supporting rapid implementation of meaningful innovations to support a modern high-quality highway system for the public. The executive vice president of MRPA is a member of the MI-STIC.