The Michigan Department of Transportation’s specifications for capital preventive maintenance are developed through the cooperative efforts of MRPA and MDOT through the MDOT/MRPA Technical Committee (MMTC) and the Pavement Preservation Operations Committee (P2OC).

Specifications describe the nature of work to be complete, materials to be used, and construction processes to be followed.  They are important to the execution of a project because they serve as a basis for common understanding of the charges between the contractor and the agency and the process that the contractor will follow when completing the project.

Clearly specifications serve an important purpose, but they are not rigid. Preconstruction meetings between the contractor and agency can be used to make special arrangement (contract modifications) that will improve an individual project’s process or performance, or improve safety and efficiency for motorists and other stakeholders. This communication is an important component to ensure quality jobs with minimal disruption for the motoring public.

What is the P2OC?

The P2OC is co-chaired by the MDOT Engineer of Construction Field Services and the MRPA Executive Vice President and includes representation from MDOT and industry. The group is responsible for pavement preservation specifications, technical issues related to pavement preservation, and evaluation of new product and method innovations. While it’s charge may be technical, its focus is continual quality process control at all stages of CPM projects.

2020 MDOT Spec Book

The updated Michigan Department of Transportation 2020 Standard Specification for Construction will take effect with the October 2021 letting. A PDF of the publication is available on the MDOT website.

MDOT Capital Preventive Maintenance Specifications

A list of current specifications for pavement preservation projects follows. The 2020 Standard Specifications will take effect with the October 2021 bid letting.

Asphalt Repair Mastic

Asphalt Repair Mastic MDOT 2019

Chip Seal

Single Chip Seal MDOT 2016

Single Chip Seal MDOT Warranty

Single Chip Seal, Top Course, MDOT 2019

CPM Aggregate Blend

MDOT CPM Aggregate Chart FUSP 12

Crack Seal

HMA Crack Treatment and Overband Crackfill MDOT 2016

Double Chip Seal

Double Chip Seal Warranty MDOT


Fiber Reinforced Bituminous Membrane MDOT 2017

Fiber Reinforced Bituminous Membrane – Type B

Fiber Reinforced Bituminous Membrane – Type B, Special

Fog Seal

Fog Seal MDOT 2019


Micro-Surface Warranty MDOT

Micro-Surface, Modified MDOT

Micro-Surface, Standard Modified MDOT

Micro-Surface, Corrugations

Micro-Surface, Seasonal Limitations

Scrub Seal

Rejuvenating Scrub Seal MDOT 2017