Membership in the Michigan Road Preservation Association is divided into five categories: contractor, associate, affiliate, government, and honorary members.

Contractor Members

The entities, partnerships, firms or corporations whose primary function is serving as contractors in the preventive maintenance industry in Michigan. MRPA Contractor members include:

Associate Members

The service providers and trusted experts that support Michigan’s preventive maintenance industry. Examples include aggregate and emulsion suppliers, equipment companies, engineering firms, testing laboratories and other vendors deriving an income serving the industry. The following companies are contractor members of the MRPA.

For information on how to become an associate member of the MRPA, click here.

Affiliate Membership: Professional trade associations or societies, educators and retirees.

Government Membership: Government agencies interested in the preventive maintenance industry in Michigan, and their employees.

Honorary Membership: Special honor conferred upon individuals or entities in accordance with terms specified by the MRPA Board of Directors.

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