MRPA is committed to providing technical expertise and education on pavement preservation in Michigan. An annual workshop and partnering meetings with the MDOT regions are targeted to the technical needs of local and state road agencies.

MRPA also works with other organizations to provide education sessions aimed at helping audiences of all types understand the importance of preserving our paved road network. To learn more or schedule an MRPA speaker for your event, contact our office today.

MRPA’s Annual City County Workshop

Each spring, a one-day workshop is held to meet the emerging training needs of local road agency personnel. Continuing education credits are available for licensed professional engineers. The 2020 event will be held February 26 in the Mt. Pleasant area.

The 2020 event will be held on February 26 at the Holiday Inn & Suites in Mt. Pleasant, Michigan.

MDOT/MRPA Partnering Meetings

Annual partnering meetings with the MDOT Regions are an important part of the construction quality process. The meetings provide the opportunity for both MDOT and industry to learn from experiences that come up throughout the construction season. This open communication and continuing education on the latest CPM technologies lead to improvements in the specification, design and construction process, and ultimately a higher-quality, longer-lasting product for motorists.