MDOT is a nationally recognized leader in innovative contracting and the state’s local road agencies are now following suit. One innovative contracting method used in the pavement preservation industry is Fixed-Price, Variable-Scope (FPVS).

FPVS projects allow road agencies to maximize the amount of work that can be completed with available funding and are commonly used by MDOT when bidding large HMA Crack Treatment jobs. Sealing cracks in a paved road surface can be one of the most cost-effective preventive maintenance treatments.

In both the January and February 2017 bid lettings, construction companies submitted bids to treat the maximum number of lane miles at the contract price, triggering a secondary bid policy to award the contract. A big win for Michigan motorists!

Fixed-Price, Variable-Scope is just one of many ways Michigan’s road agencies are being creative in stretching every available road funding dollar as they seek to preserve Michigan roads.